“They work tirelessly to ensure our needs are met.”

This is a recommendation letter for Veterans Alliance who I have been working with to source avionics contingent workers since January 2020. I have worked with many contracting agencies over the past 15 years but have never worked with any quite like Veterans Alliance. In a time when I was reviewing a couple of resumes a week from other agencies, I would get many more from Amy and her group. We are very particular when bringing avionics techs in as contractors. After a 10-minute phone conversation with Amy explaining exactly what our expectations are with regards to experience, we almost immediately started receiving quality resumes. I currently have contractors from five different agencies with well over 50% being from Veterans Alliance. They work tirelessly to ensure our needs are met. I can assure you, Veterans Alliance will be our first call going forward.

Manager Customizing Value Stream

“I receive timely and attentive responses.”

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter on behalf of Veterans Alliance. My organization began working with Veterans Alliance in December 2019 as a new provider of experienced aviation technicians to fill our temporary contract needs in several key departments. In my direct experience working with Veterans Alliance, I’ve found the company to provide high quality candidates. Veterans Alliance focuses on following thorough vetting processes and providing qualified, reliable and professional candidates for our job openings.

As a customer of Veterans Alliance, I receive timely and attentive responses to communications, regular and reliable updates and a sincere interest to serve the needs of my company. I have been impressed with their strong attention to detail, focus on quality and thoroughness to meet my company’s needs and requirements.

Veterans Alliance is a reputable organization that has provided exceptional service to our company in the past months. I recommend them as a great company to work with and we appreciate their continued support of our organization’s goals.

Human Resources Assistant Manager

“It has been a great blessing to work with Veterans Alliance.”

Thank you Veterans Alliance! You guys and gals have been instrumental in my transition. I wasn’t sure how to translate my military experience to civilian, but they conveyed my experience to professionals in the civilian sector perfectly. I would like to thank Marie Rogers, I went out on a limb to message her and happened to find the position for which I am hired. It has been a great blessing to work with Veterans Alliance and encourage veterans to seek employment through them. They will remain loyal to you every step of the way.

– Derek, Veterans Alliance Employee

“I never thought that I’d have a recruiter actually going to bat for me the way you have.”

First and foremost, I want to say that you are a spectacular recruiter.  Hands down, you must love what you do because it has shown at every facet in this process.  I “worked” with other recruiters prior to us working together and they were not comparable to the way you conduct yourself and the reflection it imposes on your company. Well done, brother.  I honestly can’t say enough great things about you and Veterans Alliance to everyone I’ve talked to about this process. I never thought that I’d have a recruiter actually going to bat for me the way you have.

Zachary, Veterans Alliance Employee